Stop watching porn.
Change your life.

You Can Heal Your Brain and Improve Your Life.

Did you know that pornography viewing is the primary way Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder manifests itself? It is a problem in the brain. The solution lies within the brain, too.

PORN BRAIN REBOOT gives you the knowledge, tools, and expert support to succeed in leaving porn behind for good. This comprehensive program is filled with science-based strategies, techniques, and tools so you can build a life of dignity and integrity for lasting success. Your brain reboot is an incredible, personal experience. Our trained brain reboot team can help you customize our programs to fit your needs.

Why It Works.


Problematic porn use is a brain problem. The solution is to heal the brain. Learn how porn hijacked your brain in the first place, why it continues to need porn, and how to break the cycle for good. Get access to state-of-the art, scientifically proven, brain training technology and expert guidance from Dr. Trish Leigh.

Integration of Education and Practical Action Steps

Practical action steps are given with every powerful neuroscience lesson taught directly by Dr. Trish Leigh. Knowing the “why” behind your brain reboot, and then having the tools to accomplish the “how” give you what you need for momentum and traction.


Our trained brain reboot team, led by Dr. Trish Leigh, will guide you through the lessons and action steps, and help you to personalize and individualize the comprehensive program to fit your needs. With the right tools and support, you can heal your brain and improve your life.

The PORN BRAIN REBOOT Program consists of scientifically proven methods that get to the root of your porn problem. We help you solve the issue from the inside out.

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How It Works.

Choose a customized brain reboot program for your needs.

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Stay Motivated.

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Quit Porn For Good

Learn the foundational concepts and actions steps to leave porn behind for good.

GOOD if you want:

  • The basics of a porn brain reboot.
  • 10 important concepts and action steps to implement for change.
  • Motivation to remove porn from your life for good.

30-Day Jumpstart

Get the skills, momentum, and support you need to quick-start your brain reboot.

BETTER if you want:

  • 30 powerful daily lessons and action steps for change.
  • Stay motivated during the first phase of your brain reboot.
  • Lifetime access to these powerful tools to keep you prepared.

90-Day Complete

All the brain healing resources you need to succeed with personalized support.

BEST if you want:

  • 79 jam-packed lessons and action steps for a lasting success.
  • Brain training tools and skills for faster, easier, long-term change.
  • Consistent support and inspiration to stay the course over time.

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